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70something ways you could lose your home

There are many title issues that could cause you to lose your property or your mortgage investments. Even the
most careful search of public records may not disclose the most dangerous threat: hidden risks. These issues
may not be uncovered until years later.

Without title insurance from a reputable and financially secure company, your title could be worthless.
With the proper insurance, your rights will be defended in court.


Interstate Gives Back


In December of last year, Interstate Employees delivered Blessing Bags to the homeless of Detroit as our way of giving back. We collected travel-sized hygiene items, food stuffs, and necessities.

February – Toothpaste
March –  Toothbrushes and caps
April – Bar Soap
May  – Socks
June – Razors
July – Shampoo
August – Deodorant
September – Wash Cloths
October – Granola Bars/cracker&peanut butter packages
November – Assemble and make up differences
December – DELIVER!


I am so very very proud to work with a group of people that not only care about their Company, their coworkers and their own jobs…but whom are also so very generous and compassionate!

Thank you to those who helped donate!

What is Title Insurance?

A policy issued to lenders and buyers to protect any losses because of a dispute over the ownership of a piece of property. Sometimes there may be an overlooked mistake in a prior deed, will, mortgage, etc., that may give someone else a valid legal claim against your property. Title Insurance is the protection against loss if a covered defect is found in your title. Think of it as a “safety fence” around your property. Title Insurance is not to be confused with your homeowner’s policy that protects the structure and contents of your home against loss or damage.